The brief

Help BonBon start their own Swedish candy brand by designing a brand system that would expand from brick-to-mortar to nationwide e-commerce.


We built the brand from the ground up—designing a logo, color palette, type system, brand voice, packaging and in the in-store experience for their flagship Manhattan shop. The brand system was ownable and scalable from the beginning to get BonBon toward their goals of producing their own brand of Swedish sweets.

Inspired by sweets

Inviting, welcoming and playful, the BonBon brand system was built on a sweet pastel palette grounded in pink. Between the script logo, bold type and unique, colorful illustrations, the brand toes the line between childhood nostalgia and adult sophistication.

Packaging for candy

Building on the inviting personality of the in-store experience, we designed packaging for BonBon brand candy that catches the eye and asks for a closer look. Illustration, bold type and bold color come together to create a unique look that stands out on shelves.

The results