GANT CRM Loyalty Program

The brief

Recruit new members to GANT’s loyalty rewards program by reinventing the program with a new look and feel that drives engagement.


We started from the ground up to create a new brand for GANT’s loyalty program, including a style guide customized for the different stages of loyalty, social media look and feel, copy direction, photoshoot creative direction and dozens of CRM email templates.

Rally the team

To stand out in the sea of sameness, we created the GANT League. A loyalty program powered by team spirit, the GANT League turns brand loyalty into a healthy competition, rewarding fans with rewards for the moments they rally.

A new look and feel

Driven by authentic lifestyle moments and a playful approach, the new look and feel was all about capturing that feeling of being part of the team. Warm, aspirational and meant to make members feel like they’re part of something bigger.

The results

The GANT CRM Loyalty Program has recruited new members to be a part of GANT League and rally around the brand.
CRM emails delivered
In-house brand studio created
Brand playbook delivered
Countries where program was launched